Anyone who has stepped into a gym this past week will know that now is the time that New Year Resolutions are being made. For us roadie types this is a particularly exciting time of year – being generally prone to setting ourselves targets, then readjusting those targets to more closely match expected performance, then finally ignoring those targets in favour of establishing new totally unrelated goals that seem more achievable, even if only in theory… But January is when we really set the targets, when we’re really going to start doing that extra turbo session, to really stick to the training plan this time.

What’s even more exciting is that the weather is so foul at the moment that we can settle down and really concentrate on our plans for the coming season. Excel spreadsheets may well be a device in this process. Starting to write a blog may be another. Actually getting out on a bike and starting to train towards anything will have to wait for the time being – there’s simply too much planning to do.

For the record my resolutions are: to train better, to race better, and to get better results. And to get my hair cut on a more regular basis.